Siem Reap

thach-lykhann-racha-pc-siem-reapDr. Thach Lykhann

Dr. Thach Lykhann oversees the large provincial department of Siem Reap. Originally from Tapul in Siem Reap, Dr. Lykhann has stayed in his home province where he is now married with two children. Dr. Lykhann received his Master's in Public Health in Phnom Penh in 1995, after becoming a Medical Doctor in 1990, studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Phnom Penh. He has been with RACHA since 1999. Before joining RACHA's team, Dr. Lykhann worked for ADRA Cambodia's Food Security Project, as a Bureau Chief in Siem Reap's Provincial Health Department, and as a surgeon in Siem Reap's provincial Hospital.