Post-Abortion Care

Around the world each year , 42 million women will have abortions, but 20 million of them will be unsafe. These unsafe abortions cause 68,000 deaths, making them a leading cause of maternal mortality.Developing countries such as Cambodia suffer the greatest from unsafe abortions due to limited resources, social obstacles regarding unintended pregnancies, and limited access to contraceptive methods. Care and prevention are vital to avoid maternal death due to unsafe abortions. In collaboration with the National Reproductive Health Program (NRHP) of the MoH, RACHA has developed PAC training package for the training of health professionals. Using a curriculum developed by the American Pediatric Association, RACHA educates and trains health professionals about the management of antenatal complications, counseling on birth spacing, and linkages to referral networking. RACHA also works in the communities to raise awareness about deadly complications resulting from unsafe abortions and emphasizes the importance of preventative contraceptive use.