What We Do

RACHA works almost exclusively in support of the Ministry of Health's priorities and programs. It does not provide health services or operate health facilities but works through the MOH service network and its community links to translate MOH technical policy and program priorities into quality effective intervention programs in the field. We cooperate with local and international NGO's, as well as the Cambodian Ministries of Planning, Rural Development, Women's Affairs, and others. Our strategic focal points are:

  • focus primarily on the community level, with a special emphasis on gender issues including equity;
  • implement activities which address the separate but interlinked elements of
    • Supply: provider skills, service delivery systems, quality assurance
    • Demand: appropriate health care seeking behavior and healthy family/household practices
    • Access: both physical and financial, and the vital link between the two;
  • achieve sustainability through both institutionalization in an appropriate entity and mechanisms for long-term financing.

Read about our programs here:

Maternal and Newborn Health
Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Child Health
Infectious Disease
Health System Strengthening
Community Health Mobilization
Water Sanitation and Hygiene
Drug Management
Community Resource Development