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CHSP Introduction Meeting

RACHA Myanmar formed 20 saving groups at 20 villages of Kayan and Thongwa township located at the Yangon Region, Myanmar since 2016. We have 321 members and 98% of the saving members are women. Our Saving groups saved 8787100 kyats (USD 6231) and they set up loan criteria and provide loan to members with low interest rate for their health expenditures, setting up small scale business such as small grocery store, and investing their current business such as pig farming, fish farming, duck farming, home gardening and so on. RACHA Myanmar trained some active members to become the agents and these agents also facilitated to form saving groups. More than 1500 people are directly and indirectly benefiting from our saving group.

RACHA Myanmar conducted health education session with saving group members every month and the communities and shared health education pamphlet such as contraception, abortion, new born care, menopause, pregnancy care, cervical cancer, breast cancer and neonatal care, child nutrition. RACHA Myanmar also conducted health knowledge test about the reproductive health with saving group members. SfC members also got leadership training from RACHA Myanmar and they became active and played a major role in the community health awareness activities such as village water and sanitation, immunization. RACHA Myanmar informed about the charity and free clinic service to the saving group members and also referred some patients to these clinics. 

The Community Health Support Project operates in 11 Village tracts and 12 villages of Kayan and Thongwa Township situated at Yangon Region. We finished first year loan cycle with no loss at 9 villages of Kayan and Thongwa township since 2018.  Up to September 30 2020, RACHA has served the number of active Client 188 (women client 186), 39 join-liability-groups with the value of loan portfolio in the amounts of Kyats 554,55,000 (or USD 42,657) at 12 villages of Kayand and Thongwa Township. We awarded the Village Credit Committee after loan cycle is finished and conducted loan end cycle survey.