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265 Familes Now Have Latrines!

Posted: 10th Apr 2014

March has been a particularly successful month for CHOBA. 265 latrines were installed for disadvantaged families in Bakan District in Pursat Province bringing total number of families with latrines to 587. Last year, CHOBA's implementation was delayed to do heavy rains during the rainy season. Thus, CHOBA began implementing newly revised demand and supply strategies at the beginning of March. CHOBA staff worked diligently to identify new suppliers that were able to supply a larger number of latrines. Together with these suppliers, RACHA outlined a specific plan of action for delivery and installation. Staff members also reached out to new communes to register villages and families and worked closely with commune council member and village chiefs to encourage participation and implementation support.

RACHA aimed to install 200 latrines in March, based on individual supplier assessments, and exceeded our target! Thanks to CHOBA staff, cooperation of local governments, increased supplier capability, and villager initiative, CHOBA surpassed our target by installing 65 latrines. CHOBA continues to follow up with these families to ensure that the latrine shelter is built. CHOBA plans to continue implementing its new strategies throughout the dry season and empower disadvantaged families improve their access to safe sanitation!

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