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CHOBA's Suppliers: Putting Planning Into Practice

Posted: 10th Feb 2014

teng oum supplier pursat

Teng Oum, a supplier in Pursat.

CHOBA works closely with local suppliers to provide delivery and installation of the latrines for participating households throughout Rumlech, Kampong Kdey, and Svay Donkeo Communes in Bakan district, Pursat. Throughout implementation, CHOBA has been working with three suppliers in the area, two based in Pursat and one based in Battambang, to meet the demands of the participating communes.

Bakan-MapSupplier Chhim Samon of Pursat said CHOBA served as "free and easy promotion for my business." Teng Oun, also a supplier in Pursat, said he partnered with CHOBA because he wanted to "have better health and sanitation in my own community [and CHOBA] provided more opportunities for my business to profit," highlighting the mutual benefit for both suppliers and the local communities.

When a village has at least five registered families who have dug their latrine holes, the village promoter contacts the supplier or a CHOBA project manager to schedule the deliveries.

When the suppliers make the trip to the villages, they call the local promoter who accompanies them to the individual households for installation. Installation usually takes only a week after a family has dug the hole for their latrine.


However, suppliers face many challenges during the delivery and installation of latrines, from bad weather and stock deficiencies to scheduling conflicts.

Flooded roads and latrine holes cause most delays, impeding supplies' access to villages. Some suppliers have difficulty keeping supplies in stock and had to shift delivery schedules, which causes villages to be double booked. Supplier Teng Oun has also had workers who migrated to find other work during the delays, leaving him without manual labor.

"I am now training new workers, and will be able to start installing latrines in a week," says Teng Oun as he described how he is working to address this issue.

CHOBA staff is in constant contact with suppliers, working together to overcome existing challenges. Even with such obstacles, CHOBA and its supplier partners are enthusiastic in their ability to serve the households in the program. By working together, suppliers and the CHOBA team are problem solving and staying flexible in order to ensure successful delivery and installation.

Since implementation, CHOBA has registered over 600 families and has completed installation on a third of the latrines. With supplier and household cooperation, CHOBA is directly impacting and improving sanitation and hygiene practices and working to ensure a safer and healthier environment for local families and throughout Bakan.

To find out more about CHOBA, download our Learning Note here.

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